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Goods News Today - JOY!!! The Journey Home!!

For almost ten years I have enjoyed the privilege of sharing weekly Gospel reflections with you on this website. There is no question in my mind I have gained more from creating these reflections than you have from listening to them.


Within the last three months I have come to the conclusion that we should begin the process of shutting down the website. We will be doing so because the primary motivation for the website’s creation, my involvement in multiple geographically dispersed parishes, no longer exists.


I am deeply indebted to John Penoyar and Linda Luizza, without whom this website would have been impossible. I have loved my time working with them.


As you can see, we have weekly reflections posted through June of this year. After that we will no longer provide weekly updates. At Linda’s insistence, the website will remain in existence until the middle of 2017. Linda will also provide a way for you to download any specific reflections you would like to save.


Thank you for letting me be part of your lives. It has been a gift I will always treasure


May God bless you.


And please remember, Gospel means GOOD NEWS,


Deacon Bill


   In the beginning… For the longest time I experienced discomfort whenever I walked because of a degenerative arthritic condition in both feet. After finding a specialist who inspired great confidence, we decided to have my right foot operated on in 2010. While the four month recovery was trying at times, the result was spectacular. As I joking told friends, it was nice at my age to have some part of my body that actually got better! Imagine how I felt knowing I might be able to walk pain free once again. Two years later, in 2012, we went through the same process with my left foot. What follows are excerpts from a journal I started less that a month later. I entitled it simply Pilgrimage. Since starting that journal, I have walked over 1000 miles, almost five hundred of it in the last three months, in an effort to prepare for walking 500 miles in a little over thirty days. All so I could fulfill a dream. I would like to tell you so much more, but then I would be getting ahead of my self. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have. For it is good to have a dream.
Follow Deacon Bill on his pilgrimage Camino de Santiago Compostela

Deacon Bill Rich is a retired business executive. He has been a permanent deacon in the Roman Catholic faith tradition for twenty-five years.


He is the author of two books, Scattered Raindrops, a collection of reflections on the Gospel message, and JOY the Journey Home, a practical guide for former and current Catholics who want more joy in their lives. In the wintertime, Deacon Bill and his wife Frannie work at St. Paul of the Cross in North Palm Beach, Fl. During the summer months Deacon Bill works at St. Anthony Parish and St. Joseph Parish in New Hampshire.


Bill and Frannie have six children and eleven grandchildren. They currently live in Juno Beach, Fl.


Why are we doing this?


Deacon Bill and John Penoyar started working together on retreats and Parish missions. Along with Linda Luizza, they strongly believe in the power of God’s love to change lives. is an attempt to share this Good News.



Deacon Bill is deeply grateful to John and Linda for their audio and website support.

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A practical guide for those wanting more joy in their lives, covered in six simple steps:

                                Why Bother?

                                   Fundamentals of Roman Catholicism

                                   The Importance of the Spiritual Journey

                                   Ten Rules of the Road

                                   Seven Gifts

                                   Seven Choices that can provide increased joy

More about................ Scattered Raindrops 

  .....The name  “Scattered Raindrops” occurred to me for two reasons. “Raindrops” comes from one of my favorite scripture passages, Isaiah 55:10-11, with its metaphor of rain and snow representing God’s promise of proactive involvement in our lives. “Scattered” refers to the fact the reflections included in this book do not represent any preplanning on my part. They appear in chronological order (with one small exception) based on the church year, which begins with Advent in early December. The only criteria for inclusion was that someone asked if the homily I had just given would ever be written down......



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