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Joy - The Journey Home


More About Joy..............  The Journey Home


 A practical guide for former and current Catholics who want 

 more joy in their lives, covered in simple steps:

  •  Why Bother
  •  Fundamentals of Roman Catholicism
  •  the Importance of the Spiritual Journey
  •  Ten rules of the Road
  •  Seven Gifts 
  •  Seven Choices that can provide increased joy

More about................ Scattered Raindrops -

  .....The name  “Scattered Raindrops” occurred to me for two reasons. “Raindrops” comes from one of my favorite scripture passages, Isaiah 55:10-11, with its metaphor of rain and snow representing God’s promise of proactive involvement in our lives. “Scattered” refers to the fact the reflections included in this book do not represent any preplanning on my part. They appear in chronological order (with one small exception) based on the church year, which begins with Advent in early December. The only criteria for inclusion was that someone asked if the homily I had just given would ever be written down......