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Customer Testimonials For Scattered Raindrops

“This book is a treasure. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your writing .  It is such a comfort to know one is not alone in Belief.”  George
 “I have never written a fan letter before but I just had to let you know how much Scattered Raindrops has meant to me. This comes at a time when we desperately need to reminded how much He loves us and how blessed we are. Thank you SO much.” Judy
 “Deacon Rich's book is not the kind of book I normally read. In fact, I am not even a Christian. However, Deacon Rich's prose is so clear, concise, and full of insight into the human condition. His message is full of love and hope and faith; reading this book reminded me what it means to be alive and why we need to appreciate each moment we have.”    Emily


“Scattered Raindrops does what it is intended to do - bring me closer to God!”   Kate
 “Your book is terrific as it addresses the issue of our belief and faith in God and does so in a most beautiful, serene and positive manner. It is wonderful.” - Joseph
“I felt this book is extremely meaningful as it was very easy to read and helped me understand Jesus in a way I had never experienced.” - Michele
 “Deacon Bill has the gift of wisdom, sharing hope and inspiration in a way that can be enjoyed by anyone seeking positive reinforcement. Bravo sir! I read it, loved it and gave several as gifts!” -Debbie
“Your uplifting and comforting words are like having one of God’s hugs on my nightstand. I read, I hear in my heart. I am comforted and at peace.”  Catherine_______________________


 “This is NOT a self-help book. It does NOT contain directions. It does NOT require the purchase of any kind of clothing or equipment. It's good words, well written. The worst that could happen is you might feel better. Whether Catholic, Christian or Human, this book will lift some of the weight.”

George _____________________________________________________________

 “You make believing in God so easy maybe even I can do it! The one hundred fifty four pages flew by and I felt myself hungry for more.”  Jeanne__________________________________________

  “Scattered Raindrops is uplifting not only because you allow the spirit to flow but also because your meticulously philosophical style is interwoven with the simplicity of life’s every day questions and experiences. In short, your book is wonderful.”   Bob_____________________________

 “Your book came at a perfect time. Our daughter has been having a difficult time and your inspirational words have helped me find new ways to help her. ”   Jerry______________________


John Penoyar is a psychologist and Liturgical Musician living in Vermont.  He writes and performs music for Mass at St. Jude's Roman Catholic Church in Hinesburg, VT and has provided music for retreats with Deacon Bill for the past 12 years.  John is responsible for the music "buttons" that introduce and separate the two sections of the podcast in addition to assembling each final "on air" episode.  John is proud to be associated with Good News Today and Deacon Bill's mission to spread the good news of God's abundant love.  Visit John Penoyar's Music Site

Linda Luizza is a charter boat captain and website designer living in the Florida Keys.  She is a facilitator / coordinator for Virtus Protecting God's Children at St. Peter Church and webmaster for both Good News Today, St Peter Church in Big Pine Key and several other websites.   Linda is very grateful to Deacon Bill for the opportunity to  join him and John in spreading God's love and bringing Good News Today into your lives.